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WOVEN's mission is to create supportive and dynamic connections between women who want to expand their sense of personal excellence and vision, thereby enhancing their lives and affecting the world in a positive way.

What is WOVEN?

WOVEN is a unique network. Through caring and supportive relationships and interactions, WOVEN helps challenge and champion women to identify and live-out their own vision, strengthen their existing family and social relationships, and encourage creativity and excellence in themselves and others.

What does WOVEN offer?

WOVEN offers a creative environment for women of common purpose to interact and support each other. WOVEN will help clarify and fuel their personal goals, new possibilitites, and potentialities.

How will WOVEN accomplish this?

There are a myriad of ways to accomplish the vision and goals of WOVEN. Some of the most powerful ways is through the exposure to inspirational role models, other ways of being in the world, and each other. The network will strive to strengthen both individual- and group- commitment to excellence and one's true values. It will also offer interactive and personal growth opportunities, whereby women can expand on their sense of self, potentiality, vision, and circles of support.

Why was WOVEN created?

Woven was created to provide opportunities to: network, create meaningful relationships, discover and live one's vision, value excellence, grow through empowerment, and be of service to others. As such, WOVEN was created for:

Networking and Relationships

Discover the role and value of a network built on a foundation of mutual respect and esteem

Empower women by drawing on the power of our inter-connectedness and coming together and thus, dissolving isolation and separation

Support women in the pursuit of harmonious, prosperous and abundant relationships

Offer opportunities for women to experience their potency through the discovery of hidden potentials and group-support


Discover what vision means to self and others and what one can draw on to respond to a call to vision

Explore, discover and advocate for the value of holding a vision and taking meaningful action toward living it out


Act as a witness to women's achievements, accomplishments, and personal transformations

Find personal and shared fulfillment, joy, and acknowledgment in the pursuit of personal excellence


Provide a safe environment for personal growth and challenges, while bringing forth the talents, skills, and gifts of individuals and the group as a whole

Provide an outlet for fun and caring exploration and discovery of one's own journey

Ask the deeper questions about life, our roles, and our motivations

Offer a venue for deeper conversations to take place by responding to one's inner callings to engage more deeply in one's personal life, vision, and respective communities


Enrich women's lives thereby positively impacting their immediate and community circles

Discover and engage with the sacred role and empowerment of women, in changing the world

Strengthen the leadership capacity within the network to realize and/or restore one's commitment to one's life purpose and vision through sharing, education, and engaging experiences

Encourage women in local and other areas to branch out and support each other

Together, touch the world, one day and one action at a time

If you are interested in learning more or attending a WOVEN event, please contact us by phone or email.

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Women Of Vision & Excellence Network (WOVEN), Website: www.woven.ca, Terrace, BC, Phone: (250) 635-3037, Email: woven@woven.ca